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In 2015-16, EMV Energy Solutions partnered with Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance to develop a series of papers that deliver targeted information and resources for southeastern stakeholders exploring the role of energy efficiency as a compliance strategy for EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan and other environmental regulations.

Resource papers cover a number of topics related to the potential inclusion of energy efficiency in compliance plans that were identified by southeastern stakeholders during the public comment process.

Contact Katie Southworth (katie.southworth@emvenergy.net) for questions on the series. 

Resource Papers (click to download):
Resource Paper 1: State Authority and Enforcement
Resource Paper 2: Energy Efficiency Ramp-Up Rates
Resource Paper 3: Non-Utility Energy Efficiency Programs
Resource Paper 4: State Planning Approaches
Resource Paper 5: Energy Efficiency Program Costs
Resource Paper 6: Reliability Considerations​

For additional Clean Power Plan resources, see our Resources page.