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Distributed energy resource (DER) aggregation

Sometimes big things come in small packages. 

For the last century, electric utilities have built large generation stations and thousands of miles of transmission lines to serve large population centers and rural communities across large swaths of the country. As distributed energy resources (DER) like rooftop solar and battery storage increase their market share, aggregating their capabilities offers utilities the opportunity to meet bulk power sector needs with an array of smaller resources. 

Audience & Benefits

Getting from the grid of the past to the multi-resource network of the future is no easy task. System operators must manage new resources and design software products and market models to allow the new aggregations to meet grid needs. This can both defer or eliminate the need to invest in more costly traditional grid infrastructure (like poles and wires) as well as help integrate renewable resources and decrease electric sector emissions. 

EMV Energy supports network partners, utilities, and state and local communities by providing direct technical assistance, aggregated products like workshops and webcasts, tools and resources needed to implement successful and sustainable clean energy programs. ‚Äč

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