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  • January 2017 - SCEN Stakeholder survey 2018 has been sent out to network members. Contact Alex Easdale  for additional information and to provide feedback.


The focus of SCEN is to coalesce a diverse network of organizations in the Southeast in support  of clean energy and climate solutions, and to build more capacity in the region to effectively work on climate and clean energy issues on the local, state and federal levels. The network provides an open and safe space to share ideas and best practices. SCEN hosts numerous regional bi-annual summits in the southeast, including in Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, New Orleans LA, Raleigh NC, and St. Petersburg FL.

EMV Energy supports three core functions of the Southeast Climate and Energy Network:


  • Provide access to trusted information about climate action strategies, policies, intelligence;
  • Provide access to national tables and campaigns, including strategic conversations


  • Create and foster alignment across organizations;
  • Implementation of shared strategies across organizations


  • Build the movement of climate action organizations;
  • Develop and promote new ideas and strategies from advocates that work in the southeast political context.

recent activity

In 2017, SCEN held a number of workshops and in-person meetings open to all SCEN members. Workshop topics included:

Southeast Climate and Energy Network

The Southeast Climate and Energy Network (SCEN) stands as the largest regional collaborative of clean energy and climate change advocates and organizations in the region. With nearly 200 member organizations and advocates working from Chesapeake Bay to the Gulf Coast and from Appalachia to the Everglades, the mission of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network is strategic coordination among organizations in the Southeast to secure fair, just and science-based climate and energy policies.