Our country’s electric grid is changing in sometimes dramatic ways. Cleaner energy resources are becoming more prevalent; they include renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, small power sources at homes and businesses, and demand response (customer actions to reduce their electricity consumption in response to electricity market price signals). Integrating these resources into the grid often is a major challenge, especially because the grid was designed over the last 100 years around mainly larger fossil and nuclear power plants located near large cities.

Integration of these resources involves a mix of closely related technical, economic and legal issues, including: transmission planning, grid integration, comparable treatment for alternatives to new transmission, coal retirement and related reliability issues, and wholesale capacity and ancillary services market design.

Sustainable FERC Project

  • ​​The Sustainable FERC Project is a coalition of state, regional and national environmental and other public interest organizations working to expand the deployment of clean energy resources into America’s electricity transmission grid. The FERC Project advocates at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – which regulates the transmission grid – through legal and policy advocacy, and we also work with FERC-regulated regional grid organizations and utilities.

    The coalition, which is housed within the Natural Resources Defense Council, includes many member-based partner organizations around the country.

Evaluating the Benefits of Energy Storage and Advanced Controls

  • August 2017- webinar presentation on "Transmission System Benefits of Energy Storage for Southeast Utility Planners".

  • Transmission benefits of energy storage - click to download presentation (August 2017)

A Guide to Navigating the Southeastern Regional Transmission Planning Process

  • July 2017 - workshop on how to navigate the regional transmission planning in the Southeast for members of the Southeast Climate and Energy Network. 

Non-Transmission Alternatives

  • September 2016 - workshop in Chattanooga, TN for southeast regional transmission planners on Non-Transmission Alternatives in regional planning. 

A Guide for Southeast State Energy Officials

  • February 2016 - presentation to the Southeast Section of the Natioanal Association on State Energy Officials (NASEO) on the Southeastern Regional Transmission Planning Process. ​​

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March 2018

  • First quarter SERTP planning meeting and stakeholder training session is set for March 29, 2018. See the SERTP Website for registration and event information. 

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